Zeitschrift der Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies


Band 26, Sonderausgabe 2


Board characteristics in Jordan institutional background and literature review

  • Riyad Neman Darwazeh, Zeyad Alkhazali, Khaleel Ibrahim Al-Daoud, Yousef Abuorabi & Jamal Ahmed Al-Doori


The impact of external environment variables on accounting information system

  • Ismail Yahya Al-Tkryty, Mohamad Dahiyat, Bassam Jaara


Inflation and stock market prices: A review from a developing countrys perspective

  • Simon Akumbo Eugene Mbilla, Isaac Luke Agonbire Atugeba, Solomon Awariya, Raymond Awonatezuaka Achiyaale


A comparative performance appraisal of Islamic and conventional banking in Pakistan

  • Ahmad Ali, Minhas Akbar, Ing. Libuse Svobodova


The effect of bank credit facilities granted by banks operating in Jordan on income

  • Shireen Mahmoud Alali, Mahmoud Ali Alrousan, Ali A ALzoubi


Volatility modelling of asset classes: An empirical study during different phases of Covid-19

  • Hemendra Gupta, Rashmi Chaudhary, Kajal Srivastava, Suneel Gupta


University level education and Covid-19 pandemic: reflections, recovery challenges and new opportunities in Peru

  • Edwin Ramirez-Asis, Laura Nivin-Vargas, Luis Angulo-Cabanillas, Guillermo Pelaez-Diaz, Jorge Castillo-Picon, Lorenzo Valderrama-Plasencia


The efficiency rate of stocks in Vietnam and the role of high-order moments

  • Vo Hoang Oanh, Le Thi Lanh, Phan Thi Dieu Thao Le


Determinants of cryptocurrency acceptance as payment method among consumers in Penang, Malaysia

  • Mah Kwok Feung, Racheal Poh Su Ying, Goh Chok Huat, Tan Seng Teck


Islamic banks between reality and challenges

  • Mohammed Yousif Oudah Al-Muttar


Development of Islamic accounting standards: Implementations and challenges

  • Mohammad Haroun Sharairi, Amer Qasim, Ghaleb A. El Refae


Accounting and business management research: tracking 50 years of country performance

  • Luis Lima Santos,Rui Silva, Lucilia Cardoso, Cidalia Oliveira


Impact of Covid-19 vaccination on airline business in Indonesia

  • Nawang Kalbuana, Pribadi Asih, Suse Lamtiar Simbolon, Solihin, Zulina Kurniawati


Does country risk affect foreign direct investment: Evidence from emerging countries

  • Anwar Al-Gasaymeh, Hamed Ahmad Almahadin, Najed Alrawashdeh, Haitham Alzoubi, Marwan Al-maaytah


Determinants of Commercial Banks Profitability in Volatile Environments: Evidence from Generalized Method of Moments

  • Anwar Al-Gasaymeh, Hamed Ahmad Almahadin, Ahmad Alnaimi, Haitham Alzoubi, Mohammad In airat


The Evolving Role of Accountant and the Future of Accounting Profession

  • Amy Lim Swee Geok, Reynold Tom Fernandez